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Our world revolves around the web. We're a small shop, but we're bursting with talent, technical know-how and creative skills.

Web Development

Graphic Design

Advertising and Analytics

Content Creation


When it comes to the web, a lot has changed in the past three years.

Is this important?

If your business depends on web-based traffic it is.

At madhatlabs, we've thrown out the old ways of doing web development. No generic templates. No shoehorning your content into pages that were used by someone else.

We're a new, lean startup and we're hungry for your business.

A customized three-page website starts at just $500.

If you're done trying to work out today's problems with yesterday's solutions, let's talk!

let's talk!

David Weedmark

Project Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Dina Rozelle Renée

West Coast Sales, USA

Portland, Oregon